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University of Houston Law Center’s Student Bar Association 

Sponsorship Plan 


Who we are: The Student Bar Association (“SBA”) is the student government and primary advocacy organization for the student body at the University of Houston Law Center (“UHLC”). Our main duty is to represent the student body to the UHLC administration. However, another large part of what SBA does is host opportunities for UHLC students to take a break from the demands of law school and unwind. We previously have done this through hosting one large event per semester, but this year, SBA is planning on hosting many smaller events across town and on-campus to further engage the student body. 


What events we are pitching: SBA is looking for sponsors for several events, laid out below: 

  • Halloween Bash: Date is TBD (near the end of October), expected attendance is 150-250 students. 

  • Last year, this event drew 250 students. 

  • Barristers’ Ball: Date TBD (March 2023), expected attendance is 200-300 students 

  • Last year, this event drew 323 students. 

  • Bar Reviews’: August 19, 2022 (for incoming 1L’s); August 26, 2022 and September 9, 2022 (for the whole student body); expected attendance is 3050 students per event. 

  • After these first three dates, SBA will determine how frequently to host forthcoming Bar Reviews’. 


Why we need sponsors: SBA needs sponsors because our funding source (student membership and university support) is insufficient to cover the robust programming we hope to provide to UHLC students. 


Benefits to the sponsor: A sponsor to an SBA event will gain impactful exposure among a population of students looking for future employment. SBA will publicize our sponsors on promotional materials, and on-hand at the venue of each event. 

  • SBA is open to negotiating additional promotional requests from any sponsor. 


Sponsorship tiers: SBA offers three tiers of sponsorship. All tiers include logo inclusion on promotional materials, distributed physically and virtually to SBA’s email list and followers on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as an invitation to provide collateral or information directly to students. 


Tier 1: $2,500 

  • Sponsor for either the Barristers’ Ball or the Halloween Bash; 

  • Logo featured digitally on SBA website; and 

  • Promotional speaking opportunities available. 


Tier 2: $1,000 

  • Presenting sponsor for intimate “Bar Review” events; and 

  • Promotional speaking opportunities available. 


Tier 3: $500 

  • Presenting sponsor for enjoyable on-campus events. 

  • Examples include coffee and snack hand-outs and presentations of guest speakers 



If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please reach out to Tyler Brewster at 

Thank you in advance for your support of UHLC students!