Student Bar

Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government organization at the University of Houston Law Center. As the governing body of UHLC, the SBA has an open-door policy which invites students to voice concerns, complaints, and suggestions at any time.  SBA presents the needs and concerns of the student body to the Law Center faculty and administration.  Additionally, SBA represents the law school in local, as well as national, law communities and sponsors community outreach, networking opportunities, and social events throughout the year for UHLC students.

Meet the 2020-2021 SBA Executive Board

Associate Board
Emily Hall, Senior State Bar Rep
Darby Gibbins, Junior 
State Bar Rep
Zeel Vora, Community Outreach Director
Grace Dunlap, Small Events Director
Wafeeq Haq, Intramural Sports Director

3L Reps
Haley Kurisky
Natasha Alexander
Sam Halliburton

2L Reps
Shawn Figari
Ben Rich
Alex Spanos
Issa Cook
Laura Gomez Duarte
Muhammad Hassan

1L Reps
Section A:
Amanda Dorman
Libby Spann
Lucy Povenzale

Section B:
David Pruitt
Sean O’Leary
William Manuel

Section C:
Allie Soileau
Jared Peloquin
Matt Chelf

Kaley Stringfellow
Megan Rose